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What we do

From brainstorming to final polish,

DMI brings decades of experience  installing a wide range of flooring options for residential and commercial properties.

Extend the life of your floors with proper maintenance. Our team has more than 25 years experience in the industry and understands how different surfaces need to be treated based on how they wear over time.

Floor's often need to be leveled or require a specific grinding profile to begin installing different types of new surfaces. DMI offers a variety of concrete prep services to clean and profile your floors.

When dealing with concrete, you can (and will) run into a variety of problems  with moisture. We provide customers with the correct profile needed on their substrate and apply moisture mitigation products specifically suited for their needs.

DMI offers the skill, experience, and equipment to overcome any obstacle. We will demolish any type of flooring!  From rubber sheeting to VCT & LVT, our workers will remove and dispose of whatever you need.




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